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FEMILADY is made of 100% natural for intimate hygiene

FEMILADY is made of 100% natural cotton of high quality, which offers health for intimate hygiene.

The Femilady range, has 8 layers of protection, uses Nanotechnology, effective in the prevention of bacteria, germs, fungi, pruritus and irritations.

It provides maximum odor control and avoids lateral leaks, which is why it is a range of compresses for all kinds of losses. Femilady:

  • 100% natural cotton.
  • Last generation.
  • Always clean, comfortable and dry.
  • 8 layers of protection.
  • Prevention of bacteria, germs, fungi, pruritus and irritations.
  • Maximum control of odors.
  • Avoid lateral losses.

Let’s check how a Femilady compresses against another of the usual compress market. See why you do not need more explanations:

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